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Anne Evrat is Senior Teacher and Assessor for the HSP program at Charlton Brown. She has many years of experience teaching language acquisition both in Australia and overseas. Her most recent position was Senior Teacher in the EQI HSP program at Mitchelton State High School. Being in this position for 14 years, Anne developed a profound knowledge of proven best practice in preparing international students to achieve academic success in Australian high schools.

Anne is aware of ACARA curriculum requirements having played a pivotal role in the development of the current EQI HSP curriculum. She is very familiar with and able to deliver the high standard required for NEAS accreditation. Her ability to develop and implement targeted, effective resources used in both face-to-face and virtual programs is exceptional.

In her position at HSP, Anne liaised extensively with ISP and homestay coordinators and developed an awareness of managing the ongoing psychological and emotional care that is essential for an international student in Australia. She knows that supporting students to build confidence while transitioning to a new country and culture ensures the safety and wellbeing of students. She has also been a homestay provider.

With this background and wealth of experience, Anne is well positioned to ensure that the Charlton Brown curriculum and student management protocols meet or surpass all requirements and are well-resourced, effectively implemented and continuously improved.

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High School Preparation Programme
High School Preparation Programme