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Information Technology

Diploma of Information Technology [UniTrack]




52 weeks

Domestic / Permanent Resident FEES







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Brisbane Ann Street Campus

What study modes are available?

  • Entirely On-Campus
  • Entirely Online (Face to Face)
  • Entirely Online (Self-study)
  • Mixed Mode (Part On-Campus & Online)

*Domestic students are only required to attend practical & lecture sessions

Explore Course by campus:
Brisbane Ann Street Campus

Our Diploma of IT provides the skills administer and manage IT infrastructure - from basic desktop support, to networking, to hardware, purchasing, planning and even software development - all in support of small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs).

About this Course:

Use technology to make great things happen with a Diploma of Information Technology. This course teaches students to use information technology for general work and multiple specialised fields of their choosing.

Students will choose their electives from 7 specialisations; Networking, Programming, IT Support, Web Design and Development, Digital Games, Digital Media Technologies, and Project Management.

Electives in these specialisation teach students general skills and common industry workflows. The course structure ensures graduates are capable of working across multiple specialisations.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn common industry workflows
  • Networking
  • Programming
  • IT Support
  • Web design and development
  • Digital games
  • Digital media technologies
  • Project management

Career Outcomes

Our Graduates work with Leading Brands.




Minimum age of 16 years

Education & Experience Requirements

Year 11 Australian Senior High School Certificate or equivalent with full academic results

English Language

Intermediate English (equivalent to 5.0 academic IELTS)

Required Identification

Photo ID and evidence of citizenship (international students must provide copy of passport)

Computer Skills & Equipment

Basic computing skills including use of Microsoft Office programmes, in addition to hardware requirements of a portable computer with keyboard, pointing device, speaker, camera and microphone, and a broadband internet connection.

Further Information

Students who are unable to meet the academic or English language criteria may in some cases be eligble to undertake our Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN) test. Criteria may change at any time without notice. Additional English language requirements may apply to international applicants from non-English speaking backgrounds wishing to articulate on a visa package into a university programme.


Date Duration (week) Unit Code Unit Name Assessment Due Date
02 Jan – 20 Jan 2023 3 ICTPMG505 Manage ICT projects 29-Jan-23
23 Jan – 03 Feb 2023 2 BSBCRT512 Originate and develop concepts 12-Feb-23
06 Feb – 17 Feb 2023 2 BSBXCS402 Promote workplace cyber security awareness and best practices 26-Feb-23
20 Feb – 03 Mar 2023 2 ICTICT532 Apply IP, ethics and privacy policies in ICT environments 12-Mar-23
06 Mar – 17 Mar 2023 2 ICTSAS527 Manage client problems 26-Mar-23
20 Mar – 31 Mar 2023 2 ICTICT518 Research and review hardware technology options for organisations 9-Apr-23
03 Apr – 16 Apr 2023 Term Break
17 Apr – 28 Apr 2023 2 ICTICT521 Select new technology supported business model 7-May-23
01 May – 12 May 2023 2 ICTSAS526 Review and update disaster recovery and contingency plans 21-May-23
15 May – 02 Jun 2023 3 ICTSAS506 Update ICT system operational procedures 11-Jun-23
05 Jun – 23 Jun 2023 3 ICTSAD509 Produce ICT feasibility reports 2-Jul-23
26 Jun – 09 Jul 2023 Term Break
10 Jul – 21 Jul 2023 2 ICTNWK536 Plan, implement and test enterprise communication solutions 30-Jul-23
24 Jul – 04 Aug 2023 2 ICTNWK537 Implement secure encryption technologies 13-Aug-23
07 Aug – 18 Aug 2023 2 ICTNWK538 Install and maintain valid authentication processes 27-Aug-23
21 Aug – 01 Sep 2023 2 ICTNWK539 Design and implement integrated server solutions 10-Sep-23
04 Sep – 15 Sep 2023 2 BSBXTW401 Lead and facilitate a team 24-Sep-23
18 Sep – 01 Oct 2023 Term Break
02 Oct – 06 Oct 2023 1 BSBXTW401 Lead and facilitate a team 15-Oct-23
09 Oct – 20 Oct 2023 2 ICTPRG532 Apply advanced object-oriented language skills 29-Oct-23
23 Oct – 03 Nov 2023 2 ICTPRG530 Manage projects using software management tools 12-Nov-23
06 Nov – 17 Nov 2023 2 ICTPRG533 Debug and monitor applications 26-Nov-23
20 Nov – 01 Dec 2023 2 ICTICT523 Gather data to identify business requirements 10-Dec-23
04 Dec – 15 Dec 2023 2 ICTICT517 Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the organisation 17-Dec-23
18 Dec – 31 Dec 2023 Term Break
44 weeks+8 weeks



Unit Code
Unit Name
Originate and develop concepts 
Promote workplace cyber security awareness and best practices 
Lead and facilitate a team 
Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the organisation 
Apply IP, ethics and privacy in ICT environments 
Manage client problems 


Unit Code
Unit Name
Research and review hardware technology options for organisations 
Select new technology supported business model 
Manage ICT projects 
Review and update disaster recovery and contingency plans 
Update ICT system operational procedures 
Produce ICT feasibility reports 
Apply advanced object-oriented language skills 
Manage projects using software management tools 
Debug and monitor applications 
Plan, implement and test enterprise communication solutions 
Implement secure encryption technologies 
Install and maintain valid authentication processes 
Design and implement integrated server solutions 
Gather data to identify business requirements 


Griffith University
Griffith University
Southern Cross University
8 units
Southern Cross University
8 units
Southern Cross University
8 units
Southern Cross University
8 units
Southern Cross University
4 units
University of Southern Queensland
8 units
University of Southern Queensland
9 units
University of Southern Queensland
10 units
University of Southern Queensland
11 units
University of Southern Queensland
12 units
Bond University
Bond University
University of Tasmania
100 CP (8 units)
University of Tasmania
100 CP (8 units)
University of Tasmania
100 CP (8 units)
University of Tasmania
100 CP (8 units)
University of Southern Queensland
8 Units

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The UniTrack Difference.


Students would learn the end-to-end process of creating their own cutting-edge iOS/ Android app from scoping to design, to development and deployment. One of the most future-proof professions is mobile app development. Smartphones are used by more than half of the world’s population, and market penetration is increasing. Apps are needed for gaming, banking, shopping, travelling, and streaming, and they must all be technically sound and user-friendly.


Presented by Founder at Blockchain Collective Nathan Burns on the topic of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies). Blockchain Collective attracted strong industry validation and support from the likes of Blockchain Australia, PwC’s Skills Australia, Civic Ledger, Perpetual Limited, AgriDigital and others during the development phase of the course which has helped shape the course design and ensure that graduates will have the necessary skills to meet industry needs.


Students will experience a session on IT industry Trends by NIET Group’s ICT manager, and he has advanced Excel, hardware, networks, server (Windows/Linux), Computer Operator (Windows, Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Web Designer (CorelDraw, Photoshop, Flash, HTML, Dreamweaver), programming Logic, Microsoft visual studio C#, database MySQL, & webhooks skills.

Course Information

Brisbane Ann Street Campus Intake Dates

2023 Academic Calendar & Intake Dates:
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2024 Academic Calendar & Intake Dates:
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Note: information provided for guidance only, may change without notice.

Brisbane Ann Street Campus Tuition Fees

Course Name Course
Domestic / Permanent Resident Campus
Diploma of Information Technology [UniTrack] 52 weeks $6,000 ANN Trimester

Additional Fees:

Enrolment Fee: $250
Material Fee: $500

Brisbane Ann Street Campus Study & Schedule

Lecture (F2F Online)
Lecture (On-Campus)
Practical (Offsite)
Practical (On Campus)
Supervised Training (Online)
Tutorial (F2F Online)
Tutorial (On Campus)
Session Recorded

Group A

12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Shaun Attwood
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Shaun Attwood
Room 10
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Shaun Attwood
Room 10
12:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Shaun Attwood
Room 10
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Shaun Attwood
Room 10
12:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Shaun Attwood

Brisbane Ann Street Campus Course TRAINERS

Shaun Attwood

Shaun Attwood is an ICT Trainer with four years of experience teaching in the VET field predominately to international students. Shaun grew up with technology and has been interested in information technology ever since he was a young child and created his own computer programs. After leaving high school he became involved in creating computer networks in small office and home environments running his own company which provided clients with installation, maintenance and consulting services. After years of experience in this field he studied network engineering at both TAFE QLD and at QUT in Brisbane at the same time studying Cisco Certified Network Administration and recieving his CCNA 1 through to 4 certifications. He also holds a Microsoft Cloud fundamentals certification which he recieved while teaching Cloud Architecture to VET students. Since graduating from university he has worked for IBM and Ignite as a contractor and sub-contractor as well as working as an ICT consultant for various private firms, allowing him to work in a wide range of roles and responsibilites. In 2019 he started teaching in the VET industry and had taught hundreds of students in the time since, helping them all to reach their educational goals and enabling them to learn the skills needed to have a bright future in the ICT industry.

Brisbane Ann Street Campus Campus & Facilities

Your Campus

NIET Group Ann Street Centre is the home of Charlton Brown vocational courses in Brisbane CBD, with a dedicated Fashion Lab, aged care and child care training facilities. With 10 massive classrooms and intimate breakout rooms.

Session Locations

  • Online Video Conference

Whether you’re working with teammates on a project or planning a weekend activity with loved ones, Microsoft Teams helps bring people together so that they can get things done. It’s the only app that has chats, meetings, files, tasks, and calendars in one place—so you can easily connect with people and bring plans to life.

Brisbane Room 10
  • Smart TV
  • Lecture Chairs

Our dedicated IT lab features a modern smart board, to enable our lecturers to deliver highly engaging, multimedia presentations

Student Testimonials

See why more than 30,000 students have chosen CB

Bishnu Panthi
Diploma of Information Technology
CB has provided lots of facilities and services to students to help them study. They have friendly staff and management, I would recommend to other students!.
Kendra Sashidharan
Diploma of Information Technology
I had a great lecturer and he was very accommodating during my few months so far at Charlton Brown. Classes are conducted through a great combination of in-person and online via Microsoft Teams which is very beneficial while I juggle work and studies - plus I really love their IT labs; they have really great equipment!

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Very Affordable.

Our low fees are designed to make education accessible to all students, and we provide a range of funding options, and customised payment schedules.

Lots of Pathway Options.

We offer more than 200 different package and pathway options to award-winning Australian universities, like Griffith, Bond and UTAS.

Accessible Entry Requirements.

Our college caters to learners of all academic backgrounds and English levels, with a huge range of free study support and tutoring options.

Just the education you need.

Our hyper-focused, student-support-heavy training programmes are designed to get students out into industry, with exactly the skills that industry demand.

How do I apply?

Our application process is free, easy & there’s no obligation.


Submit an Application

It’s free, takes around 5 minutes, and helps our team make sure you’re eligible. If you have any questions, for example around how to pay, funding, schedule, placement etc, ask them at the same time.
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Accept your letter of offer

Our team will send you a letter of offer for you to accept. Sign and send it back, pay your enrolment fee, then our Admissions Team will send you an onboarding pack, provide Student Learning Portal access and introduce you to your trainer. Welcome onboard!

I’ve had a really fantastic time studying with the college – our training team are really personable and give us a really in-depth and industry-relevant training experience – both in terms of learning to cook, but also running a kitchen.

Rahul Maharjan

My trainer Richard Kim provided great support and care when I was sick due to the pandemic. Richard gave me extra time on assignments. He also explained every topic with great patience. I consider myself extremely lucky to be his student.

Dhruv Dev

Yashi is amazing! She has years of experience in community services. Her class is engaging and interactive. Her assistance and guidance in my studies have improved my confidence in getting a job in the field.

Karent Camacho

During my work placement at Edge Early Learning Centre, I was promoted to lead educator! I thoroughly enjoyed studying at Charlton Brown – easy access to ECEC resources, constructive feedback on the assessments, and tons of help and encouragement from my trainer Fei Yu.

Zhuang Yuci

Great learning experience! A very welcoming environment with a great location in Hobart City! Huge thanks to trainer Jean for his enthusiasm and dedication.

Rajitha Pathum

After completing the work placement, I received a job offer at a renowned childcare centre in Hobart. I would like to thank my trainer Adam for providing a huge amount of support and encouragement during the course.

Lan Huong Luu

Thank you for the great service and guidance in educating students. I finished my certificate in this college because they’re very helpful and professional.

Franchezca Israel

Words cannot express accurately enough how grateful I am for having Fanny as my trainer during most of my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. The level of her service delivery was above and beyond my expectations, as well as her ethics and the knowledge and skill set she kindly shared with her students, always with a positive attitude, broad smile and gentleness that are her trademark.

Angelica Okawa

Teachers and general staff are always willing to attend our needs, tutoring, questions or even basic documents from reception. The campus is organised and clean. Library, learning materials and even the kitchen are always available for student’s use. I feel comfortable studying here and supported by my teachers. Having chosen to study Childcare at Charlton Brown has being a great decision. Thank you Fanny and Fei for your constant support both in theory assessments!

Dayhan Torres
Patricia Charlton Brown

Charlton Brown’s trainers are excellent, helping me throughout my Certificate III in Early Childhood Education with incredible examples from the industry, blending their experience and background into the lessons; it really makes the training engaging.

Patricia R
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