Support for Students

Set up for Success.

Our college is dedicated to ensuring our students graduate, with the skills and knowledge to be high performers in their chosen industry. Throughout your study, we’re here to help.

We’re here to help.

Support is just a phone call away .

Studying is challenging, and navigating your way through the course can be daunting. Our diverse student support team come from extensive backgrounds, and have the experience and knowledge to help you with any enquiry – from help studying, to administration questions. So if you get stuck, drop us a line, any time.

Remember, You’re Not Just a Number.

At each of our welcoming and convenient campuses, we focus on ensuring every student has the opportunity to learn through sharing their ideas and asking questions. We believe in touching lives and connecting people, at Charlton Brown you’re not just a number, you’re a person. As a student, we empower you to discover your own passion for learning, which will ultimately drive your success in a rewarding career.

Fundamentally, Charlton Brown is singularly committed to graduating students at the top of their field, while crafting a positive training journey full of lifelong memories – that’s the Charlton Brown Promise ™.

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Need help with your Studies?

Are you stuck with your course, wondering where an assessment is, or looking to lodge a complaint or express a concern? Use our help portal – it’s the fastest way to get assistance.

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Stunning Facilities

Whether you want to study in a city or a rural area, our modern facilities in Brisbane, Gold Coast & UTAS Sandy bay make the perfect study partner.

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Study Workshops

Building transferable skills to help you progress.

We routinely run workshops available to a given faculty, or all students, to help with skill development that will help you through your course, and when you graduate. From skills such as presentation, resume writing, or research, to English language and communication, our regular workshops help students progress, catch up, and become successful professionals.

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Your Learning Coach

A single point of contact for your enrolment.

At Charlton Brown, we provide every student with a study coach, a single point of contact for the entire duration of your enrolment with us. This approach enables students to build an important and reliable relationship with someone who truly cares about their learning outcomes and success.

Simply confer with both your study coach and trainer to decide upon a preferred contact method and contact frequency, i.e. how often you would like us to contact you throughout the course. Just like our courses, this arrangement is completely flexible and puts you in control of your studies.

Dedicated Study Plan

Upon successfully enrolling, all Charlton Brown students receive an all-inclusive study plan tailor-made to suit their individual circumstances. For students with family or employment commitments, your personal study plan can easily be personalised so that you can dedicate time to your current responsibilities.

Study plans outline a variety of important information, including course completion dates, number of study hours required each week, preferred contact method frequency as arranged with your study coach, and your learning coach’s name and details.

Work + Study

Let us help you plan

If you’re looking at studying while working, Charlton Brown offers a number of flexible arrangements to help you balance study, work, and mental health; let us know when you apply so we can provide advice and help in getting started,

International Students Working in Australia

If you’re an international student, there are a number of things you need to know to ensure you stay within the law, and so you know your working rights in Australia. We have a host of information available in the student handbook to help you get started, and if you get stuck you can request guidance from student services.

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Timetable & Holidays

Explore each course’s timetable,
and see Charlton Brown’s holiday schedule during your study.

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ESOS Compliance

Charlton Brown complies with all legislation pertaining
to vocational education & international students.

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