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What makes CB the perfect
college for studying cookery?


Dive into the future of culinary arts with our cutting-edge kitchens in Brisbane’s Spire building and the serene Gold Coast campus. Equipped with commercial-grade technology, these spaces are designed to simulate the high-pressure environments of the world’s top kitchens, preparing you for real-world challenges.


Global Chefs
in Training

Broaden your horizons as you join a vibrant community of international students, all united by a passion for culinary and hospitality excellence. Our programme offers personalized support and a curriculum rich in global culinary practices, ensuring you’re well-prepared for an international career.

Learning Experience

Transform your learning journey with our bespoke multimedia materials and assessments, all crafted in-house. This innovative approach not only makes learning more engaging and accessible but also keeps you at the forefront of industry trends and technologies.

Elevate Your Culinary Passion
into a Rewarding Career

We’re Crafting Futures

At Charlton Brown, we’re not just about imparting skills; we’re about crafting futures. Nestled in the heart of Brisbane’s vibrant CBD within the iconic Spire building and extending our reach to the scenic vistas of the Gold Coast, our culinary and hospitality programme stands as a beacon of excellence for aspiring chefs and hospitality professionals from around the globe.

A Global Perspective: Designed for International Students

Understanding the unique challenges and aspirations of international students, our programme has been meticulously crafted to offer a seamless and enriching educational experience. From personalized language support to culturally diverse culinary practices, we ensure that every student feels at home while pushing the boundaries of their potential.

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SIT30821 | 109894B Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
SIT40521 | 109577J Certificate IV in Kitchen Management
SIT50422 | 114870F Diploma of Hospitality Management [Package Only]
This comprehensive program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in culinary arts and hospitality management. It typically combines practical cookery skills, covering a range of cuisines and cooking techniques, with key aspects of hospitality management, such as customer service, event planning, and business operations. The course is likely structured to offer a blend of classroom learning and hands-on experience, possibly including internships or work placements in real-world settings.
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104 weeks

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Our State-of-the-Art
Training Facilities

Brisbane CBD – The Spire Building: Step into a world where your culinary dreams take flight in our bespoke training facilities. Our Brisbane campus is equipped with cutting-edge kitchens and hospitality training rooms, mirroring the high-pressure, high-standard environments of the world’s best restaurants and hotels. From commercial-grade ovens to state-of-the-art refrigeration systems, every piece of equipment is designed to prepare you for excellence.

Gold Coast Campus: Experience the blend of tranquility and rigorous training at our Gold Coast location. Here, the focus is on creating a holistic learning environment, with access to the latest culinary technology and a backdrop that inspires creativity and innovation.

World-Class Trainers
and Multimedia Learning

Our trainers are the heart of Charlton Brown. With years of industry experience, our chefs and hospitality leaders bring a wealth of knowledge and insider insights to the classroom. Their passion for the culinary arts and hospitality is matched only by their dedication to student success.

Embracing the future of education, Charlton Brown has developed comprehensive multimedia learning materials and assessments, all designed in-house. This innovative approach ensures that our curriculum is not only current but also engaging and accessible to students from diverse backgrounds.

Dare to Dream. Dare to Excel.

Welcome to Charlton Brown.

At Charlton Brown, your culinary journey is not just about learning; it’s about becoming part of a global community that shares your passion and ambition. With our award-winning programmes, world-class facilities, and a commitment to excellence, we invite you to turn your culinary dreams into a tangible, rewarding career.

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