VET Student Loans


A VET Student Loan (VSL) assists students to cover tuition fees for vocational education and training courses.  VSLs are only available for approved courses at Diploma level and above.

The VET Student Loans Information Booklet provides key information students applying for a VET Student Loan need to know. The topics covered include eligibility, applying for and managing your loan, as well as your rights and obligations. You must read this booklet before applying for a VET Student Loan.

Checking your eligibility

Students are eligible for a VET Student Loan if they:

To see if you are likely to meet the eligibility requirements, check out the VET Student Loans Eligibility Tool on the My Skills website. On this website you will also find the VET Student Loans Calculator which can help you understand what your debt will be when you start your course.

You should also speak to an approved VET Student Loans provider about accessing a VET Student Loan to pay for your studies. The provider will confirm if you are eligible to access a VET Student Loan.

To confirm a student’s identity, date of birth and eligibility for access to VET Student Loans Charlton Brown will collect and verify information and documents such as, but not limited to passports, birth certificates and prior qualifications.

Charlton Brown will consider your application to be eligible if you have the following

Getting a Tax File Number

When you apply for a VET Student Loan you need to provide your Tax File Number (TFN) because repayments of your loan are made through the tax system.  Charlton Brown will collect information from the student about their Tax File Number.

If you don’t have a TFN you must apply to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for a TFN as soon as possible. It is best to have your TFN before you enrol to ensure you can access a loan for your studies.

If you don’t have a TFN when you enrol, you can get provisional access to a loan if you supply a Certificate of Application for a TFN provided by the ATO when you apply for a TFN. You still need to supply your TFN to your provider as soon as you get it from the ATO. If you do not supply your TFN within the time period specified by the provider, your enrolment will be cancelled.

Students under 18 years of age

Parental consent to apply for a VET Student Loan is required for students who are under 18 years of age, unless you are receiving Youth Allowance (on the basis that you are independent).  You must provide evidence of the independent assessment, otherwise your parent or guardian might sign the Commonwealth’s Parental Consent Form and return it to Charlton Brown before you can apply for a loan.  The form is available on the Commonwealth Government website or from the college.

Eligible students will be entitled for loans up to a capped amount which is set by Government for each of Charlton Brown’s qualifications as follows:

The list above indicates the maximum amount of VET Student Loans that will be available for each course for each student not taking into account that the amount of the loan cannot be greater than the student’s remaining VSL balance.

Your loan obligations

To continue accessing a VET Student Loan, you must demonstrate that you are a genuine student continuing with your studies.

To do this, at least twice a year, complete a Progression Form in the electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) system when you receive the invitation email (via If you miss the due date, please contact your provider directly and ask them to reissue the progression.


If you decide to use VET Student Loans you will be required to demonstrate you are progressing throughout your course.
• You will be required to log in online twice during the year and acknowledge that you accept the loan you will receive for the course,

Importance of Census Date

Loan Debt and Repayment

Statement of VET Tuition Assurance

Under the provisions of the Higher Education Support ACT (HESA) and the VET Guidelines Charlton Brown must comply with the VET Tuition Assurance requirements. This is to protect VET students in the event that Charlton Brown ceases to provide a VET course of study in which a VET student is enrolled.


Student Grievances

Students should refer to the Debt Complaints page for debt issues and complaints, including complaints about providers.

If you have concerns about the quality of your training you may wish to submit a formal complaint to Charlton Brown.

Charlton Brown is committed to maintaining an effective, timely, fair and equitable grievance handling system which is easily accessible to all complainants. Charlton Brown aims to ensure:
• All Complainants will have the opportunity to present their case at each stage of the procedure. (See Charlton Brown Domestic Student Complaints and Appeals Policy downloadable from this webpage);
• The Complainant and any respondent have the option of being accompanied/assisted by a third person (such as a family member, friend or counsellor) if they so desire.
• The Complainant and any respondent will not be discriminated against or victimised;
• At all stages of the process, discussions relating to grievances and appeals will be recorded in writing. Reasons and a full explanation in writing for decisions and actions taken as part of this procedure will be provided to the Complainant;
• Advice on appeal processes will be given in writing with all decisions;
• A Complainant shall have access to the internal stages of this grievance procedure at no cost.

Legislative and Policy Basis

Higher Education Support Act 2003 (Cth)

VET Student Loans Act 2016 (Cth)